Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The New High School Shop Class

Sherwood High School in Oregon bought themselves a $30,000 3D printer and now John Niebergall’s advanced shop class is covetted class to get into.

“We need to continue to educate our students that engineers are and will remain in very high demand in Oregon and the United States and that we are at risk of losing our edge in innovation in the global market if recent trends continue.”

Brooks says Niebergall’s program, which combines traditional shop classes like woodworking with high tech software and 3D printers “is a shining example of how you can get kids interested in the engineering field.”

“It is fun and remains very lucrative,” Brooks says of the field he chose for his own career path. “Especially for students that continue on to a four-year engineering college program.”

Last year, Jonathan Crompton of Sherwood High School won the Dimension 3D Printing Group Redesign contest. Now, Sherwood's Ben Foley is one of the 3 finalists in this year's competition. A $2,500 scholarship is the prize!

I believe this opens up a whole new market for Dimension 3D. Imagine if every high school across America gets one of their printers ... that's thousands of units!