Tuesday, December 4, 2007

WOW 3D Printer Application - FigurePrints

Now here is a startup company that is about to tap into the 3D printer market in a big way. I'm not talking about manufacturing a 3D printer. I' talking about using a 3D printer.

3d printer

FigurePrints LLC gives you the opportunity to take your virtual World of Warcraft character and make him into a real figurine. With 9 million WOW players worldwide, the market potential is huge.
Each model costs $100 each (+ $15 shipping).

3D printing is starting to cross over into the consumer market. Yes!


Unknown said...

Cool article, 3d printers in this millenium have opened up a range of new markets which benefit both consumers and businesses. In the past many companies would incur significant development and modelling costs, now 3d printers can be located in the office and operated at a fraction of the price.

Safdar Ali said...

This is great. Through which kind of printer Metal business cards are printing?

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